CPS-BC Board

The College of Podiatric Surgeons of British Columbia (CPS-BC) regulates the practice of podiatric medicine in BC pursuant to the BC Health Professions Act.  

The College’s overriding obligation and focus, is the protection of patients and the public interest.  The College serves this duty by taking steps to ensure that all podiatrists in BC meet expected standards of practice and conduct.

 The College must take steps to ensure that practitioners are qualified, competent and fit to carry out the practice of podiatric medicine, at the stage of admission to the profession and throughout their practice life.  The College sets standards for registration, administers quality assurance programs to ensure practitioners continue to maintain a competent level of skill and practice throughout their professional lives, enforces standards and handles complaints from patients.  The College will intervene with appropriate action if a podiatrist is found after a proper investigation process to have acted in an incompetent or unethical manner.  

 This website will soon be replaced. In the meantime, please see the "Registry" tab for a current geographic listing of doctors of podiatric medicine who are registered by the College and thereby permitted to practise in B.C.